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The NN Brand experience


More than the sum of its parts

Our brand resonates in both its obvious elements and smallest expressions. Everything we say, do, show or write, adds up to the total NN brand experience we offer our stakeholders. Whether it’s our marketing department launching a new product campaign or customer service following up on a client’s comment on social media, we all contribute to this synergy every day, on all levels of the organisation.

Touch points visualised

In this respect it is essential to know how the NN brand is manifested, in tangible and intangible branded touch points. And to develop a broad perspective regarding the different roles that we play and the touch points our stakeholders encounter every day. Therefore we picked up the idea to make two interactive brand experience videos: one seen from the eyes of an employee and one seen from the eyes of a client.

So go to the Brand Academy on your Brand Portal, under Resources and take a look at the several perspectives on the NN brand by looking at them with ‘different eyes’.

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