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Rights-managed vs. Royalty-free images


Three questions on image licenses

Recently we extended the licences on many ‘Rights-managed’ images in the Image Bank. This means that we are licenced to keep  using these images until the renewed contract period ends. ‘Royalty-free’ images do not have an end date attached to them and can be used without limitations.

1. ‘Why aren’t all images in the Image Bank royalty-free?’
We prefer to buy royalty-free images, but sometimes we find rights-managed images that ideally embody our brand.

2. ‘What should I do when the license of a Rights-managed image I used is now expired?’
Don’t worry, you don't need to throw away print work containing images with expired licences. We cannot, however keep using such an image on a website or campaign.

3. ‘How do I see the rights information of an image in the Image Bank?’
After the licence for the use of an image has expired it becomes unavailable, and you will no longer  be able to download it. In the description of the image you can always see if the image is royalty-free or not.

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