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NN Brand quiz - How well do you know the NN Brand?


Recently we posted a little brand quiz on SAM and the response was positively overwhelming. More than 3000 colleagues viewed the online article, with 25% being brave enough to test their knowledge in the quiz! This is an impressive number, and we thank all for participating. But it also encouraged us to extend the quiz and make sure everybody can keep their brand knowledge up to date in a fun way.

We are our brand

The importance is obvious. The better we know our brand, the better we can convey it, express it and use it. So, your knowledge of the NN brand matters a great deal. We as employees of NN are, in fact, our brand. We do not have tangible products such as cars or TV’s, and must serve our customers every day and in every circumstance in which they need us. By using our brand in a clear and consistent way, our stakeholders will recognise and know us and understand more and more what we represent: you matter. Because that’s what we express with our brand.

Test your NN Brand knowledge

In a new series of eight short films, each with accompanying questions, your NN brand knowledge will be tested. Per topic you will need to answer a minimum of three out of five questions correctly to continue to the next step. In the end, you will need at least 24 correct answers to receive your personal NN brand certificate.

So be challenged and go to your Brand Portal to do this extended quiz. And when you do it well, you’ll be rewarded with a genuine NN Brand certificate. If not, try again! You can find the Brand quiz under Resources, Brand academy.


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