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New guidelines for Publications, Infographics, ID cards and Security paper available on the Brand Portal. And the guideline for Websites is updated!


As of Monday the 8th of September the new guidelines for brochures and folders, renamed to publications, is available. For user convenience we have split the guidelines up in: promotional, informational and instructional publications. With every guideline we include the basic grid InDesign templates and a summary of the basic elements. Very soon we will also upload more elaborated InDesign templates (as shown in the guidelines) to work with.

Furthermore we have developed guidelines with a specific design for ID cards and a security paper with a watermark in it. Nice but above all very functional.

And there is an update of the guidelines and HTML templates for websites available including the login pages and components. The Guidelines as well as the HTML and PSD documents are updated so it’s best to download these immediately and delete the older ones if you have put them downloaded onto your system.

Infographics are a great way to  visually present information. When communicating complex ideas, analyses or commentary on events, an infographic provides a clear, easy-to-understand picture that is far more visually appealing than straight text. Instead of long lists of facts and figures that can be boring or overwhelming, you can use graphs, diagrams or illustrations to get our point across in an attractive way. And that’s exactly why we decided to develop an inspirational guideline for Infographics. You can find these under the Basic Elements button.

We’ll keep on working and developing new design guidelines, templates and all other kinds of features in the Brand Portal. We started working on guidelines for: film and video, magazines, but also advertisements, banners, posters and interiors. We’ll inform you again when we have new stuff to share. In the meantime, if you have any questions or remarks or want to know more about the guidelines or the Brand Portal, please send an email to branding@nn-group.com

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