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New guidelines for Forms available on the Brand Portal and more updates!


Friday, the 22th of August the new guidelines for forms will be available, including several Word, InDesign and HTML templates. We started with developing a universal guideline for forms but along the way decided to split it into a guideline for printed & PDF forms and a guideline for online forms. The guideline and templates for printed & PDF forms you will find under the section Print, the guideline and templates for online forms under the section Digital and online.

The 8th of September we expect to have more guidelines and templates available on this Brand Portal like the guidelines for brochures and folders. It will be divided into communication styles: promotional, informational and instructional.

We are also developing guidelines with a specific design for ID cards and a Security paper. Nice and above all very functional.

And we expect to have an update of the guidelines and HTML templates for websites available, including login pages and components, the latest on September 8.

We’ll keep on working and developing new design guidelines, templates and all other kinds of features in the Brand Portal and will inform you when we have news to share. In the meantime, if you have any questions or remarks or want to know more about the guidelines or the Brand Portal, please send an email to branding@nn-group.com

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