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New and updated Guidelines for Basic Elements


We have updated the existing guidelines for basic elements and they are available on the Brand Portal as of now. We updated some linguistic inaccuracies, did minor textual adjustments, updated examples of images and illustrations, et cetera. Furthermore we added some colour codes, added the Japanese fonts, added more business oriented typography descriptions and examples and so on. Most important improvements are that we added ‘positive’ pictograms (outlines) and adjusted the colour ordering of the charts and tables, for even better contrast and use.

Important to mention is that the ‘old’ guidelines for basic elements are not wrong but the new ones are improved versions. So you do not have to adjust all kinds of BTPs if you already have used the ‘old ones’.

Furthermore we developed a more elaborated guideline for use of descriptors, a new guidelines for usage of a pay-off and a guideline for dual branding.

The image bank keeps growing and there are almost 350 images in there for you to use, among others again more business oriented images.

If you have any questions or remarks or want to know more about the guidelines or the Brand Portal, please send an email to branding@nn-group.com

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