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We are developing new features to transform our Brand Portal into a more interactive brand platform. For example, a:

Brand Showcase

Just like the Image Bank, the Brand Showcase is a feature in which you can upload all developed applied designs. It’s meant to help you share with and inspire one another and show what we have developed together. The Brand Showcase will present a nice visible overview of all kinds of branded applied designs.


Redesigned, On-brand Brand Portal Lay-out

Of course, our Brand Portal needs to be on-brand, too. So, although we’ve concentrated on content until now, it’s time for a design update. Therefore, we are bringing the Brand Portal design more into alignment with our brand. The structure and the features of the Brand Portal will, of course, remain the same. But the overall look and feel will be more branded, user-friendly and attractive.


Newsletter generator

And, we are working on a newsletter generator. The newsletter generator is a tool to develop newsletters in a consistent and branded way. The newsletter generator provides you with a branded format, in which you can add your own content and images.


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