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A brand is far more than a logo or a design gridA structure on which a designer can organise graphic elements.. A brand is a promise.

Our brand promise

We help people secure their financial futures. And our brand promise is do this in a more personal and caring way. While at the same time, enhancing people’s confidence in their ability to decide for themselves.

This is what matters most for people in the markets we serve, who are thinking about their financial futures. And what matters to our customers, matters to us. This is expressed by our brand mantra ‘You matter’. But far more importantly, it’s expressed by the customer experience each of us helps create for our customers every day.

You matter

‘You matter’ means that we always start from the customers’ perspective. Demonstrating a deep understanding of their situation, expectations, challenges, emotions and capabilities. And then help them find out what’s right for them. It also means that we encourage them to take their goals and dreams seriously. By helping them take matters in their own hands. And start planning and securing their financial futures.

We’ve done enough research to understand that this is not done through pushing products, rational tools or saying ‘trust us’. The only right solution is in focusing on a more personal and caring customer experience. Adding clarity and guidance to all we do. Becoming the trusted guide that helps people find out what’s right for them. And help them move on if anything happens. This is where confidence is born.

This is the signature of our NN brand. What we commit to. And what we want to be known for. Rooted in our values: care, clear and commit.

The Brand Key

We have the NN Brand Key in which the DNA of the NN brand lies. It is a simplified and distilled result of many months (years!) of strategic brand thinking. When logged in, you can download the document on the right.

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