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Illustrations play an important role in our visual identity. They can communicate so much, so simply. It They make text clearer and make concepts easier to understand.


We combine line drawings with watercolour drawings to tell small and relevant stories. The best results are achieved when the line drawing symbolises the NN IP product or service, and the watercolour drawing symbolises the customer or his perception of the environment.


First layer

Our illustrations are composed of two layers.The first layer is a simple black line drawing, drawn by computer or by hand. The thickness of the lines varies subtly. The general rule is: less is more, keep it simple. No shadows, no intricate perspective, simply a pleasant and identifiable drawing.

Second layer

With the second layer, we add personality and warmth. For this purpose, we use the watercolour technique. Watercolours are organic; they continuously flow and change, just like life itself. We build up the watercolour drawings in one colour scheme. This enables us to add a few orange touches, without letting the overall picture become too colourful.

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