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Orange is a way for us to honour our roots as ING and
Nationale-Nederlanden. Over the years, it has become more than just a colour to us. And today, it still distinguishes us from our competition.

Orange is bright, friendly and approachable. The variety of orange shades is distinctive and adds a personal tone. The shades can be used to gently guide the reader to key messages, and ensure that the right attention is given to the parts that matter most.

White spaceThe space between columns in a formal layout. will also play a crucial role in keeping our layouts friendly, inviting and clear. Be sure to be as mindful of the white spaceThe space between columns in a formal layout. as you are of the colours in your layouts.

We’ve selected a broad palette of secondary colours to accentuate and enhance our ‘proudly orange’ base, distinguish various types of communication from each other and support more advanced tables, graphs and infographics. Clear visuals enable us to explain complex matters in a simple way.

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